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What’s common between students’ performance, gaming, travel, human resource management – and hold your breath for this –  BOTS that can make you laugh? Well, well – we know the blog title ‘career in data science’ pretty much spells it out for you. But really what is common among them?

That’s right! It’s Data Science! 

You’ll be stumped to realize how much of an all-encompassing role data science has, to play in our lives.   

Whenever you got a message for flight delays what do you think you received? It was a prediction that later led to a notification. Researchers and healthcare companies use genomic data to understand genetic issues. While a delivery company uses this science to determine the best routes and timings to deliver. 

Need we say more! Your life and practically everything you do runs big time on data science.

Dats Science fields

Data Science Is Connected To All These

This amazing new-age information science is used for many other fields and platforms. A career in data science will be associated with these:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Python 
  • Machine learning
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Making Charts & Statistics
  • Computational thinking

Apart from data science being used extensively in cricket scores or election results, here’s something you may not have heard much about. 

So, did you know that many analysts and data science lovers have been making almost accurate predictions about who’s going to win the Oscar awards each year!!

Now that you are sitting up after what you have read until now, let’s share with you how to become a data scientist.

Pattern In Chaos

How To Build A Career In Data Science?

Do you think you have it in you to become a data scientist? Then here are the 8 signs you must check for, to know if you are meant to be one.

1. Are you the ‘curious’ type?

We are sure you are! Then, why not make the best use of it? If you are investigative and cannot stop asking questions, then this field is the best suited for you.

2. Do you like experimenting?

If you like challenging the assumptions and breaking the rules, then hurrah! Because you can just not tread on the already taken path, to find new solutions or improvising existing ones.

3. Do you know how to research?

If you know how to work with numbers, estimates, statistics, problems, or any information, then this is such a great stream for you to pursue! 

By asking and seeking the right questions you will be able to improve the way things are done.

4. Can you work with unstructured stuff?

Searching and analysing unstructured (even random) facts and information is an absolute asset in this field. 

As information keeps getting collected and piled up, a data scientist’s role gets all the more important.

5. Do you like solving problems?

Finding the right solutions is an art. Use your unique perspective and understanding that will help a business or a sportsperson make sense of the figures.

Consequently, you can even find the most unimaginable way to solve problems and get the best results.

6. Do you know how to present ?

The trends, estimates, and problems that you spot should be clear and be understood by others too. So, you should be able to present the findings, so that the decisions to change can be taken.

7. Can you understand the system and structure in the chaos?

The world as we know was created in a chaotic universe. So, every chaos is meant to make sense at some point. In short, if you can shape random information into a useful piece that can help others – then nothing like it! 

Making Data Useful

Different Careers In Data Science

A career in data science could be in jobs like these:

– Data analyst

– Machine Learning Engineer

– Deep Learning Engineer

– Data Engineer

– Data Scientist

To become any of the above you need the right course to study. Here are those programmes and degrees that can get you into these happening careers.

Data Science Courses in India

Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] (Data Science or Data Analytics ) 

Institute Name Course Duration Approx. Course Fees (INR)
St.Joseph’s College (SJC), Bangalore 3 years 2,80,000
VEL’s Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies, Chennai 3 years 3,08,000
Bennett University, Greater Noida 3 years 5,85,000
SAGE University, Indore 3 years 3,30,000


Bachelor of Data Science (BDS) 3 year

Institute Name Course Duration Approx. Course Fees (INR)
Techno India University, Kolkata 3 years NA


Bachelor Of Science [B.Sc] (Data Science)

Institute Name Course Duration Approx. Course Fees (INR)
Chandigarh University, Chandigarh 3 years 1,98,000
Loyola College, Chennai 3 years 1,63,000
P.S.G. College Of Technology, Coimbatore  3 years 1,63,000
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai 3 years 3,90,000


Certificate Programmes in Business Analytics

Institute Name Course Duration Approx. Course Fees (INR)
Miranda House, New Delhi 4 months NA
Imarticus, multi-location & online 4 months NA


Post Graduate Courses In Data Science

Institute Name Course Duration Approx. Course Fees (INR)
Post Graduate Program in Data Science, Kolkata 9 months 6,05,000
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Sciences, Chennai 2 years 2,53,000
Symbiosis Centre for Information and Technology 2 years 6,20,000

International Degrees:

B.Sc Data Science, AI & Digital Business, 

GISMA, Berlin (Germany)

B.Sc. Digital Business & Data Science

University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin (Germany)

BSc (Hons) Data Science

University of Stirling, Stirling (United Kingdom)

Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics

St. Ambrose University, Davenport (USA)

Post Graduate Program in Data Science 

Purdue University, Indiana (USA)

Data Science Courses

The jobs of the future are certainly going to be in data science. Hence it’s just a matter of choosing what part you want to play in it. 

There is a very high demand for skilled data scientists and professionals. Though there are a plethora of data science courses available, every course may not suit your goals. And they may not be from the best institute or programme provider.

Therefore, to know how to become a data scientist and choosing the right course, mode, and duration wisely, take the help of our expert counsellors. And finally, ensure you make an informed choice.


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