A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

The past few months of changed exam gradings, extended admission timelines and procedure waivers have been an exception. But as things are resuming back to normalcy, are you feeling unsure if your child can make it through college entrance exams for their dream admissions – without coaching? Do you think they stand a chance of acing the tests without the support of the coaching academies and centres that put up flashy hoardings and publish outlandish advertisements in the newspapers?

Any entrance exam preparation calls for constant focus, solid preparation, great clarity and lots of practice. And hence, your child must be absolutely sure of staying committed and preparing themselves for it. 

So, let’s help you decide for yourself if coaching is necessary for your child’s college entrance exams; and how it will influence their chances of getting the college admission of their choice.

The First Step

This begins by knowing the most suitable programs and courses to match your child’s career goals. Here’s a look at the entrance exams for the popular courses in our country.

Most Popular Entrance Exams

Science JEE Main, JEE Advanced
Commerce & Accounts Courses  ICWAI, ICSI, ICAI
Law Courses  CLAT, AILET, LSAT
Design Courses NID Entrance Exam, NIFT Entrance Exam
Hospitality Courses  NCHMCT, JEE
Mass Comm Courses IIMC Entrance Exam, JMI Entrance Exam, XIC- OET
Other Humanities Courses JNUEE, DUET, PUBDET


In case your child wishes to study abroad, then here’s a helpful way to find out the course and country-specific test that they need to take up. 

Does Coaching Help?

Coaching in India is offered by individuals as well as institutes. Once the provider knows the course that the student wants to take and the relevant entrance test for the  same, they provide focused attention on preparing for that competitive exam. 

There are certainly a few benefits of students taking external coaching; like:

  1. Since other students prepare along with your child, it can help everyone prepare better, individually too.
  2. Since preparations last for over a year, the extra help of studying outside the classroom can be a positive motivation.
  3. There is a lesser chance of getting distracted – as coaching classes are planned with tests, practice sessions, group submissions and focus activities for the preps.
  4. The teachers who coach usually have years of experience and understand the student psyche quite well. Hence, they are well equipped to handle student and exam expectations better.

On the other hand taking coaching may not be helpful – and can even hamper your child’s career preparations, as:

  1. Coaching institutes are highly competitive. And hence it is synonymous with constant pressure.
  2. Since coaching is offered to a large number of students in a go, hence it would not focus on your child’s needs exclusively. Hence, many student doubts and problems do not get solved, as teacher attention is distributed.
  3. Coaching is expensive! With an increasing number of candidates who try their luck for the few seats in top institutes, coaching institutes are almost always full due to the high demand. And hence it’s no surprise that they call the shots wrt fees.
  4. There is no new learning. Coaching focuses only on clearing the exams with a better understanding of the exam pattern and past answer material.

Can Your Child Do Without Coaching?

This may sound like a tricky question. But it’s not – in fact it’s sort of simple. Just answer the few questions below and you can know it for yourself!

  1. Is your child clear and sure about pursuing the course – and hence ready to take the entrance test for the same?
  2. Can your child chalk out a well-balanced preparation plan (with help, of course) and try to stick to it regularly? 
  3. Can your child self-prepare with past question papers and reference answers?
  4. Can your child take initiative to search for resources and study materials available?
  5. Is your child confident and would not hesitate to check their doubts and questions with teachers and friends?

Well, even if the answer is ‘not sure’ or ‘no’ for a few of the above, your child can still make it through the entrance tests without trouble! After all coaching or no coaching – it is your child who has to put in the effort no matter what!

The inspiring story of Malvika Raj Joshi:

Just A Reminder

Exams are after all just the elimination criteria! Even if your child manages to crack through the tests with decent scores, it is still the halfway mark alone. The actual admission selection will boil down to their overall personality, non-academic profile and out-of-classroom contributions. Give your child’s college admission preparation the rightful ending – one that truly celebrates your child’s uniqueness and innate intelligence. 

Make sure your child’s college admission chances go up by working in the right direction. Learn how you can do that, here.

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